Surveillance and Security

Azure Technologies provides state-of-the-art Surveillance & Security Products along with various Access Control Systems for your premises such as:

  1. Digital IP & Analog CCTV Cameras to suit various types of threats and security cover including Infra Red, Night Vision, Thermal, PTZ, Alarm Triggers, etc. for increased coverage of sensitive areas.
  2. Video Recorders - both Network (NVR) & Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
  3. Video Door Phone solutions for homes & hotels.
  4. Integration with Home & Office Automation Systems.
  5. Suitable cabling and wireless solutions.
  6. Biometric, IRIS and RF (Radio Frequency) integrated locks and attendance systems
  7. Visitor Management System (for monitoring of guest visitors & employees).
  8. Facial Recognition Systems for Sensitive and Crowded locations like Banks, Railway Stations, Shopping Malls, Jewelry Stores, Public Places, Commercial Complexes, etc.
  9. Integration with Building Management System.
  10. Integration with Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition.
  11. Abandoned Object Detection.
  12. Gate Barricades for Vehicles.
  13. Vehicle & Personnel Monitoring Systems including GPS locators.

We offer value added services such as:

  1. Consulting
  2. Site Survey & Reporting
  3. Cabling
  4. Installation Services
  5. Wireless Communications
  6. Testing & Certification
  7. Customization for specific requirements
  8. Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC's)

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