We provide networking & structured cabling solutions & services based on client's requirement such as:

  1. LAN-WAN Integration
  2. Network infrastructure (Servers, Switches, Routers, Structured Cabling, etc.)
  3. Redundant System and Disaster Recovery solutions
  4. Server Installation and Migration, Desktop Installation and Upgrades
  5. Storage Solutions (SAS, NAS to SANs)
  6. Virtual Private Networks, Branch Office Connectivity
  7. Virus Protection for Portables, Desktops and Enterprise
  8. Fiber Optic Products, Splicing & Testing solutions.
  9. UTP Cat-5 cables, Enhanced Cat-5, Gigabit Jack Panels, I/O's, Patch Cords etc. to precede end to end structured cabling solutions.
  10. STP based structured cabling.
  11. Tools for termination of Copper & Fiber Products.
  12. Hand held Testers for testing & diagnosing Copper / Fiber Cable Plants. LAN Cat-5 / Cat-6 Testing/ Certification for UTP/ Fiber Optic Cable sites.

We offer value added networking services such as:

  1. Network & Computing Infrastructure Consulting
  2. Network Analysis, Management, Monitoring and Optimization
  3. Network Intrusion Detection, Protection and Security
  4. Site evaluation & preparation.
  5. Cable plant Specifications.
  6. Cable plant design/Customization for specific requirement.
  7. Products as per standards.
  8. Installation services.
  9. Testing & Certification.

The Networking division comprises a team of highly trained and some of the best professionals from the industry whose only objective is to "Deliver & Implement products and solutions that increase Productivity & Profitability for our Partners".

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