About Us

Azure Technologies was created in 2004 with one single motto - “Ideas & Innovation”. It simply means to help our customers, achieve their business objectives with our unique problem solving ideas and innovative products & solutions. At the time of formation, Azure Technologies was a small start-up by an industry professional who, having worked & partnered in various companies sought to introduce cutting-edge products & technologies for all businesses, organizations & even consumers.

At Azure Technologies, we value our customers as partners in growth and work hard to understand their business & organizational needs so that we are able to give them the right advice and implement the most efficient products, solutions & services that are on par globally. We work in various capacities from being a single vendor solution provider to being a consultant in outsourcing for our customers. Our products, solutions & services that encompass all areas of a business or an organization include:

  1. Surveillance & Security
  2. Networking
  3. Consulting & Services
  4. Niche products for hospitality and storage solutions
  5. Web & Mobile Application Development

All this is done with a clear understanding of our responsibilities to the environment and the community. We consider it our prime duty to identify, promote & implement products & technologies that are energy efficient, recyclable and non-hazardous. The conservation and betterment of the environment and the community are close to our hearts and we do not consider them simply as our social responsibility, but rather an Endeavour for their cause.

Azure Technologies works with, and contributes to various charities and non-profit organizations working for environmental and community related causes and we are committed to support and work with them in all capacities possible.

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